Frequently Asked Questions

Question : What are the advantages of the new N.R.G online database?
Answer :

The online database is continually updated. New programs are added as soon as our research team has approved them so you will have access to them immediately. Many program listings have a direct hyperlink that will link you directly to the information.

Question : How do I get access to the N.R.G. database?
Answer :

Once your membership has been activated, you may login as a member by clicking the "login" link on the home page. You will then enter your "username" and "password" and you will automatically be linked to the N.R.G. "online database". As an active member of N.R.G, you may review the database at any time.

Question : After I “Sign-Up”, how long do I have access to the N.R.G. private database?
Answer :

You will have FREE unlimited access for six months. You may then renew or cancel your membership.

Question : How do I get access to the online database?
Answer :

Just go to the "Sign-Up Now!" page and choose the appropriate payment option that best fits your needs, then click on the “GO” button. Then complete the order form and provide us with your choice of “username” and “password”. You will use these later to access the database. You will immediately be sent an emailed confirmation that your access has been activated.

Question : Why a printed directory and an online database?
Answer :

The online database allows for continually updated. The directory provides members with detail information about the programs as well as listings. Many “Hi-Pay” programs listed are contiguous and will repeat. Also, the directory format provides members without convenient access to the Internet, a hands-on copy of information.

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